Student Employment Guidelines for Reduced Campus Operations

If the university suspends in-person classes and moves to alternative modes of instruction or if campus operations are reduced or suspended, the following guidelines have been established

  • Students may continue to work as scheduled if they feel their health and well-being are not at risk in their work environment. Student employees are encouraged to promote social distancing as much as practicable while performing work duties. If student employees begin to have symptoms of cough, sore throat and fever, they should leave work and call their health care provider. Student health care resources
  • Student employees who elect to not report for work due to concerns for their health and well-being should communicate their absences to their supervisor and will not be penalized. Students may use their own judgment to determine if they feel comfortable working. If campus operations are restored to full-capacity including on-campus classes, student employees should resume their regular work schedule if they are not experiencing symptoms.
  • Student employees are paid hourly and should not be performing remote work under ordinary circumstances. Due to these extraordinary circumstances, some student employees may be permitted to perform remote work with prior approval from their supervisor and Human Resources. If students are approved to perform work remotely, a work agreement will be put into place that clearly identifies the work schedule and tasks to be completed.
  • If online delivery of courses reduces or removes the need for student employment in that department, supervisors may instruct their student employees to not report to work until on-campus classes resume. Students will not be paid if there is no work to be performed. Every effort will be made to provide work to students so as to not create a financial burden to students. 
  • Students who have accrued and unused sick time available may use it to supplement lost hours due to illness, lack of work, or if they feel their health is at risk. Student employees who have any questions or concerns should contact the Human Resources department for additional resources or guidance.