Bookstore Operations

Updated 3/17/2020

Barnes & Noble College operates the Augsburg University bookstore, and a representative will meet with Chief Operating Officer Rebecca John this week about store protocols.

Meanwhile, here’s a portion of a message the company shared: Barnes & Noble College is diligently monitoring reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for updates or changes in recommended guidelines. We have been, and continue to be, proactive in our approach to keep our stores clean. On an hourly basis, we are wiping down counters, door handles, equipment and other frequently touched surfaces. We are providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer for both employees and customers to the best of our ability, in light of ongoing shortages. Additionally, we continue to encourage employees to wash their hands regularly with soap.  In regards to our store operations, we have been working closely with our vendors to understand the impact of the Coronavirus on our supply chain. Though we expect minimal impact in the near term, we will keep you abreast of any significant updates from our vendors.

Additionally, Barnes and Noble College shared a solution being provided to students who may have left campus for spring break without their course materials, anticipating a traditional return to campus. Vital Source, the industry’s primary digital course material provider, is providing students access to ebooks at no charge through May 25.  While they won’t have all titles available as all publishers aren’t participating nor are all books available digitally, there are 13 publishers involved and the majority of books are covered.

Link to Vital Source Helps

Link to two video tutorials on accessing via institutional account or creating your own