Resources for Faculty

Updated as of May 5, 2020

How should faculty prepare for class modality changes?

As Provost Kaivola announced on March 17, courses will be shifting to alternate modalities starting March 30 with few exceptions.

Please know that the LFCs and User Support staff are available and their contact info is listed below.  

How to reach Liaisons for Computing and User Support Staff?

IT is also offering a series of workshops on Zoom and Moodle during Spring Break—the links are listed below. We encourage faculty and staff to log in to these sessions to learn more.

Zoom Tour and Technical Support
Monday, March 16 – Thursday, March 19, 10 a.m. CST

Moodle 101 and Technical Support
Monday, March 16 – Thursday, March 19, 2 p.m. CST

How should faculty respond to students’ requests to stay away from class because of illness?

Please be prepared to accommodate students who miss class due to illness, including clearly communicating opportunities and expectations around alternative assignments or makeup work.

We ask that faculty remain as flexible as they can be about attendance policies in face-to-face classes when they resume. Summer classes are online. Please anticipate that you may need to work with students in ways that are appropriate to both the broader situation and their individual circumstances. We will want to ensure that all students can access course content, turn in assignments, and take exams. 

If a student reports to you that they are ill or that they believe they have been exposed to someone who is confirmed to have the virus, please refer them to the steps they should take with their health care provider and to notify the university.