Dashboard: COVID-19 Alert Levels

Updated February 27, 2021

Current status: Return to moderate transmission rate on-campus

Augsburg’s on-campus case rate returned to the moderate range (1%-3% of the on-campus student population) during the final week of February. Most of the 14 student cases during the week were asymptomatic individuals identified through the surveillance testing conducting three times a week in Athletics. With 14 cases confirmed in a single week, the 14-day on campus transmission rate will remain at least in the moderate range through the first week of March.

Current metrics (as of February 27 except where noted). See Augsburg’s weekly COVID-19 metrics report for data from prior weeks.

Metric Status
Cases within the on-campus community New confirmed cases this week:
0 employees
14 on-campus students

On-campus student cases over 14 days = 1.42%

Case management Contacts identifiable
% of isolation beds full 3%
Test and PPE Good
14-day case rate per 10,000
(For the week of February 7 – 13)
19.01 Hennepin County
16.45 Ramsey County
Change in 7-day case rate per 10,000
(For the week of February 7 – 13)
-2.0 Hennepin County
-1.4 Ramsey County

-1.3 statewide


  • The total student number used to calculate the percent of on-campus student cases for the spring semester is 1,196, which represents the number of students who live on campus, have a course that met in-person, and/or participate in athletics teams.

Key: COVID-19 Transmission Level Metrics

Transmission Level Cases on campus Case management % of isolation beds full Test and PPE 14-day case rate per 10,000 Change in 7-day case rate per 10,000
Low <1% over 14 days Contacts identifiable < 50% Good < 10 7-day case rate steady or declining
Moderate 1% – 3% over 14 days 5%+ of cases with unknown links 50% – 75% Test result delays; less than 10 day PPE 10 – 30 7-day case rate increasing
High 3%+ over 14 days Student/employee non-compliance 75% + Continued issues with testing or PPE 30+ Continued local case increases
Sustained No improvement over 2-week period following implementation of High Transmission Level mitigation efforts