COVID-19 Task Force

A task force is meeting regularly to evaluate the situation and will be updating the campus community as developments warrant.

Org chart showing task force structure. Vice presidential leadership: Leif Anderson, Rebecca John, Karen Kaivola. Continuity of Operations Minneapolis: Rebecca John and Stephen Jendraszak. Continuity of Operations Rochester: Monica Devers. Continuity of Operations Global: Pat Mulvihill. Continuity of Enrollment: Robert Gould. Continuity of Student Learning (course delivery): Monica Devers. Continuity of Student Life (dining, residence life, commuters): Sarah Griesse. Continuity of Employees (human resources and staffing): Dawn Miller. Functional team on Public Health and Communications supporting all continuity teams and the overall task force: Alicia Quella and Gita Sitaramiah.

Members include:

  • Martha Aleman, nursing
  • Kelly Anderson Diercks, athletics
  • Katie Bishop, academic affairs
  • Mitch Byers, student government representative
  • Monica Devers, academic affairs (lead, Continuity of Rochester Operations and Continuity of Student Learning teams)
  • Tony Erchul, public safety
  • Elaine Eschenbacher, academic affairs
  • Robert Gould, enrollment (lead, Continuity of Enrollment team)
  • Mike Grewe, student affairs
  • Sarah Griesse, student affairs (lead, Continuity of Student Life team)
  • Marah Jacobson-Schulte, academic affairs
  • Stephen Jendraszak, marketing and communication (co-lead, Continuity of Minneapolis Operations team)
  • Rebecca John, operations (task force lead; co-lead, Continuity of Minneapolis Operations team)
  • Scott Krajewski, information technology
  • Jim Matthias, information technology
  • Dawn Miller, human resources (lead, Continuity of Employees team)
  • Candice Morgan, residence life
  • Pat Mulvihill, global education and experience (lead, Continuity of Global Operations team)
  • Tulela Nashandi, student representative
  • Alicia Quella, physician assistant studies (co-lead, Public Health and Communications functional team)
  • Gita Sitaramiah, marketing and communication (co-lead, Public Health and Communications functional team)
  • Cory Snyder, student accounts
  • Leah Spinosa de Vega, global education and experience