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Congratulations to off-campus summer researchers

APRIL 27, 2012

Picture of student doing research The following students will be conducting research off campus this summer. Congratulations, Auggies!


Emma Winegar, Mathematics, Carleton College with the Summer Mathematics Program for Women Undergraduates

Ryan Mulcahy, Mathematics, NSF-REU at the Rochester Institute of Technology

Brianna Blake, Mathematics, NSF-REU at the Rochester Institute of Technology in External Graph Theory and Dynamical Systems

Gottlieb Uahengo, Physics, NSF-REU at Harvard University in Bioengineering, Scientific Computing, Robotics and Materials Science and Engineering

Nathaniel Ly, Physics, The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with the Cell Systems Science Group

Trevor Rodriguez,Sotelo, Physics, NSF-REU at Oakland University in Mechanical Engineering

Fred Vedasto, Physics, Texas Christian University

Elly Bier, Physics, Argonne National Labs

Arlo Haubrich, Physics, Argonne National Labs

Kayla Johnson, Biology, Baylor University

Dan Bransford, Biology, NSF-REU at the University of Georgia in Microbiology

Alex Sorum, Biology, Loyola University Chicago

Brittany Kimball, Biology, Mayo Clinic in Biomedical Ethics

Will Matchett, Biology, Mayo Clinic in Neurobiology

Zach Stevens, Biology, University of Minnesota in the Lillehei Heart Institute

Kirubel Gezehegn [pictured] Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University

Photo © 2011 Stephen Geffre for Augsburg College

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