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Augsburg physics students: four-time winners

Feb. 4 , 2007

Physics students

For the fourth time in seven years, Augsburg’s Society for Physics Students chapter is in the top 10% of the 700 chapters nationwide. It was named an Outstanding Chapter for 2005-06 by the national office.

The selection is based on the range and depth of activities carried out by the students. For example, Augsburg space physics students have regularly presented their research at the American Geophysical Union, the twice-yearly gatherings of nearly 11,000 scientists from around the world.

In the Augsburg community, SPS students have organized tours of research labs, offered study sessions, and tutored students.

One of last year’s special activities was the celebration for the World Year of Physics 2005, which marked the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s “Miracle Year,” a publication that led to significant advances in physics.

Emily Beauvais, last year’s chapter president and a current graduate student at Iowa State University, commented on the award. “I think the main activities that made, and still make, Augsburg's SPS chapter stand out are the involvement in research conferences and experience with research poster presentations. These give students practice in talking to other scientists and non-scientist about their work in physics,” she said. “Our goal was to make pertinent and interesting information about physics and careers in physics available to Augsburg's physics students.”

Professor Mark Engebretson, SPS chapter adviser, was also singled out by the national organization in their letter of notification, calling the award “a testament to [his] personal leadership skills as much as it is an acknowledgment of [the] chapter’s superior performance.”