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Biology students present at Northwestern College Biology Research Symposium

June 28, 2007

Nou Chang and Amy Eickmeyer

Sophomore research students in Biology, Nou Chang and Amy Eickmeyer co‑authored and presented their research poster at Northwestern College Biology Research Symposium May 5 along with other students from area colleges in the Twin Cities.

Their mentor, assistant professor of biology Beverly Smith‑Keiling, was the symposium keynote speaker on learning styles in undergraduate research education and their discoveries of a C3‑binding protein in Streptococcus.

Amy and Nou participated in the Biology Department's new Introduction to Research course in Fall 2006. Both continued in directed research in the Spring; Amy for research credit, and Nou received funding from URGO, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunities, directed by Dixie Shafer.

Nou and Amy also presented their work using polymerase chain reaction to identify and amplify potential C3‑binding domains of a streptococcal protein at Augsburg College's Spring Zyzzogeton Research symposium. Both plan to continue with this research as they peer‑mentor the next group of Intro to Research students next Fall.

Photo: Nou Chang and Amy Eickmeyer