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An Arm for an Armor

August 6, 2007

Josh DavisHow does one become interested in a career of armor making?

For medieval studies major sophomore Josh Davis, it was a natural progression that began as a pastime of melting metal and pounding it into shapes at his family’s cabin. “My interest developed slowly and is now booming because of my medieval studies courses at Augsburg and my internship with Oakeshott.”

The Oakeshott Institute, which established the first arms and armor museum in the five-state region, promotes interest in ancient arms and armor through a hands-on educational approach. It sponsors several educational events including “Knight for a Day” summer camps for children ages 7 to 14.

As part of his summer internship, Davis teaches campers about armor and medieval history, leads them in making paper helmets, cardboard shields, and mail armor, and engages them in a reenactment of the Battle of Hastings using their new armor and Nerf® balls.

Davis plans to go on to graduate school in medieval studies and hopes to build a career in making armor.

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