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Oren Gateway Center welcomes you

August 12, 2007

After planning and construction for more than three years, the Oren Gateway Center is receiving its finishing touches as students and staff begin to move in.

The Gateway Preview last Wednesday gave people on campus a first look at the spacious offices and trendy, industrial-looking finishes of a few of the residence hall rooms and apartments.

Students have already begun to move in, and all offices will be furnished and ready by Aug. 24. Nabo (the new café)—which garnered high praise on Wednesday for its gourmet sandwiches and cakes--opens this week.

On Friday, Alumni and Parent/Family Relations, MBA, MAL, and StepUP will move into Gateway. Institutional Advancement returns to campus from the Crown Roller building on Aug. 24—the same day that the Welcome Desk will be installed in the front entrance atrium.

The Augsburg Bookstore, triple in size from its former location, has now been open for two weeks. Manager Laura Soler reports only great feedback, and says she has enjoyed meeting people from Fairview, the university, and others who are pleased to see books, cards, and other items now available nearby.

Last to be completed will be the Johnson Conference Center, targeted for the second week in September.