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Economics students are front and center

Feb. 4 , 2007

Economics class

Stella Hofrenning’s Research Methods in Econometrics course not only introduces Economics students to the process of solving economic problems, it also provides them the invaluable opportunity to present their research and findings to a national audience and to connect with peers from around the country.

For the past several years, numerous students of Hofrenning have represented Augsburg at the National Conferences for Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The NCUR is dedicated to promoting undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity done in partnership with faculty and mentors and is a great way for students to learn more about research methods, graduate school and employment opportunities in their areas. It’s also a great way to hone presentation skills.

In 2004 and 2005, four Economics students presented at the conference. In 2006, six students were accepted to present. Wendy L. Scharber traveled to the University of North Carolina, Ashville to present her paper entitled “An Econometric Study on Minnesota Schools and What Effects Student Achievement.” In addition, Wendy’s paper was reviewed and published in the NCUR Proceedings 2006.

Professor Hofrenning reports:  “The experience of working on a research project and presenting the research at a conference motivates students to learn by doing. My research students learn to apply the economic theory in class by working with data and developing models for analysis. Having been accepted to present at a conference also helps students build their analytical and communicative skills as well as their confidence speaking in front of a group."

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