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Peter Agre speaks at student research seminar

July 23, 2007

On Tuesday, July 24, Augsburg and St. Olaf science students will spend the afternoon experiencing the rigors of advanced research and study in the 2007 Summer Research Seminar. They will learn from a Nobel laureate in chemistry, a leading physician in the treatment of breast cancer, and an Augsburg biology faculty member.

Program presenters are Dr. Peter Agre ’70, Augsburg alumnus and 2003 Nobel Laureate in chemistry; Dr. Ruth E. Johnson '74, Augsburg Distinguished Alumna, former Regent, and Founding Director of the Mayo Breast Clinic; and Augsburg biology faculty member, Dr. Mark Strefeler.

Students read a common text—The Double Helix by James D. Watson—the story of identifying the structure of DNA. Dr. Agre, who has keynoted two previous summer seminars, will lead discussion of the book.

Students also read technical articles relating to hormones and breast cancer as background for presentations by Dr. Strefeler who is speaking on "Breast Cancer and Hormone Receptors" and by Dr. Johnson, who is speaking on "Interface of Science and Clinical Medicine: Development, Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Breast Cancer."

The Augsburg students include those in science research this summer through URGO (Office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity). Departments that will be in attendance include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Psychology.