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zyzzogeton: Student Research Presentations

April, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m., Christensen Center Coffee Area

This Thursday in the Christensen Center, students from the arts, humanities, and sciences will present posters and roundtable discussions on their current
research. Presentations will be set up in the fireplace gallery and fishbowl.

Participating student researchers include Matthew Argall (Physics), Emily Beauvais (Physics), Richard Birkett (Biology), Paul Cummings (International
Relations), Cara Engel (Religion), Nicholas Goodwin (Psychology), Alyssa Kane (Psychology), K.C. Lava (Computer Science), Serita Lee (Social Work), Erik
Lundberg (Physics), Miranda Nelson (Psychology), Binh Nguyen (Computer Science), Steve Quick (Physics), Eilidh Reyelts (Biology), Shannon Ryan (Psychology), Dan Schwendtner (Physics), Ryan Skar (Computer Science), Ben Sonquist (Biology),
Jake Thomas (History), Paul Tsai (Chemistry), and Steve Zaffke (Physics).

Please join us in support of these student researchers. Delicious food and beverages will also be served. All are welcome.