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Experiencing faith and justice in El Salvador

Septemeber 2006

people sitting in an ornate and elaborate church.Beliefs matter … and students in Religion 480, Vocation and the Christian Faith, spent nine days in El Salvador, learning first hand how powerfully the faith of the Salvadoran people has impacted their struggles for social justice.

The students visited churches, community organizations, and government offices to talk with civic leaders and church workers. They stayed with families in Christian communities and listened to stories of personal faith. Throughout the trip, students wove these experiences into reflections about their own vocations, and what beliefs matter the most to them.

two girls standing in front of muralDuring their time in El Salvador, students learned about the legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the priest whose commitment to the struggles of the poor cost him his life. His legacy has nurtured the grassroots work of educational and cultural centers, of cooperative communities, and of the personal vocations of many who have answered a call.

This short-term study abroad program offers students both an experience in another culture and a framework to understand how Christian vocation is central to daily life there.