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A global perspective: Augsburg students depart for world travel and study in 2007

Dec. 25, 2006

Forty-eight Augsburg students will be taking to the air during January break to experience other cultures and most likely, discover much about themselves along the way. Three educational tours will be departing during the first two weeks of the new year to England, France and Germany, to El Salvador, and to Guatemala.

The Sights and Sounds of Europe trip take students from the Introduction to Music and Fine Arts course to sites such as the Palace of Versailles, Westminster Abbey and the Glockenspiel in Munich, experiencing art, opera and ballet along the way. Emphasis is on soaking up the culture that provided the basis for the fine arts in America.

The Vocation and Christian Faith tour to El Salvador coincides with the course of the same name and focuses on the concept of work and the relationship of the church to social issues. Discussions with government and church leaders, visits to historical and sacred sites, and a discussion of the role of music in El Salvador are on the agenda.

The Indigenous Issues in Guatemala trip exposes the student travelers to the personal lives of the Mayan people, their struggles, and spiritual lives. Site visits and interaction with the Mayan people and organizations will create a hands-on experience.

Study abroad programs are life-changing events for students. Roberta Kagin, Associate Professor of Music and European tour leader says that "Students in the past have reported that they saw, heard, and experienced more during Sounds and Sights of Europe than they ever had in their entire lifetime." Weekend college student and 2006 participant Michele Roulet speaks on the impact her trip to El Salvador made: "I saw extreme poverty and injustice, but I also saw incredible faith and determination and these things will forever change the way I choose to live my life."

For more information, visit: www.augsburg.edu/augsburgabroad