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News Archives - 2006

Scholastic Connections: Five new scholarships announced

Nov. 12, 2006

The 6th Annual Scholastic Connections Gala and Dinner was held Nov. 6 at Augsburg College. Scholastic Connections is a unique scholarship program created by Augsburg alumnus Syl Jones and is believed to the first of its kind in the nation. The program uses proceeds from an endowment to pair students of color in mentoring relationships.

The program, which puts leaders of today in touch with leaders of tomorrow, continues to grow in its support of Augsburg students from diverse backgrounds. Five new scholarships recipients were named at the dinner Monday night. They are: Killa Martinez-Aleman, junior, and mentor Bernice Arias-Sather; Luis Lopez Monterrubio, sophomore, and mentor Natalia Pretelt; Mary Murzyn, junior and mentor Georgette Christensen; Sama Sandy, junior, and mentor Krisanus Medlock; and Ashley Stoffers, junior, and mentor Ami Nafzger.

Returning scholars and mentors are: Christopher Adams, senior, and mentor Jim Genia; Derek Francis, junior, and mentor Keith Bernard Allen; Kelina Her, senior, and mentor Julianne Lynum Leerssen; Miguel Sotamba, junior, and mentor Alex Gonzalez; and Saroja Thapa, senior, and mentor Nhia Lee.