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News Archives - 2005

August 18, 2005

New leadership for Campus Kitchen

Augsburg’s service program for recycling food and delivering nourishing meals to the Minneapolis community has hit the ground running, on target for another successful year under the direction of new coordinator, Tim Dougherty.

Dougherty has come to Augsburg with experience in service to others. He was an active member of the ecological movement at Penn State and following graduation, worked as a social service coordinator for Americorps in Appalachia. Dougherty began his work at Augsburg in May, taking up the reins of a job training program for the underemployed or unemployed members of our community. The program taught culinary skills and kitchen safety and sanitation regulations, and culminated in the opportunity for participants to become certified professional food managers.

As fall term approaches, Dougherty is preparing for a batch of new and returning volunteers. He will rely on the outstanding support from Sodexho food service director, Doug Klunk, and chef Michael White, and will receive assistance in volunteer recruitment from residence life, Aug Sem groups, and through Twin Cities volunteer search engines. Volunteer participation will be instrumental in maintaining the level of meal preparation and delivery that has been established in the past. “One of my goals is to get the students to take more ownership,” said Dougherty, “I want people to equate the Campus Kitchens Program with the student volunteers.” 

The Campus Kitchen at Augsburg is one of only six currently in the nation and the only one of its kind in Minnesota. It is an appropriate fit for Augsburg in Dougherty’s opinion. With the vibrant urban setting that the College exists in, it gives the students the opportunity to meet the community through service. He also feels that the program is poised to expand. Opportunities exist for recycling more food and expanding the relationship with Food for Folk, a service begun by a MN organic farmer, providing meat and produce to the Augsburg Campus Kitchen.

With a firm base established by past program coordinator, Abby Flottemesch, and the new energy and vision brought in by succeeding coordinator, Tim Dougherty, the program is certain to continue its growth and importance. For more information or to learn how to become a volunteer, contact x1624 or ckac@campuskitchens.org