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News Archives - 2005

November, 2005

Tamara Aeschliman to speak on vocation November 11

Tamara Aeschliman has a diverse background of experience, which focuses on the development of people and their environment--specifically in impoverished communities. 

She moved to South Africa from the United States in 2003, after having conducted research on HIV/AIDS and the poor in post Apartheid South Africa.  Upon her arrival she worked with several NGO’s, taught English and Maths and did health work in historically disadvantaged communities. 

For the last year and a half she has been running a program that she designed to focus on socio-economic development for teenage mothers who are beyond the pale of government assistance and empowerment in Khayelitsha, just outside of Cape Town.  Prior to this she was actively involved in peace building, poverty alleviation and environmental issues.  She worked in programs that addressed the health, language, education and housing needs of Mexicans who were outside the scope of normal social programs in their country.  She was also highly active in programs that addressed the collective problems of environmental degradation and poverty among indigenous Mayan Peoples in Central America. 

She has worked with students across the United States on how to help bring environmental consciousness and action to their campuses and communities. Tamara was also a leader in a Problem Solvers International team for three years, in which she addressed global issues and created possible scenarios to meet the challenges of international concern.  She was a representative for her state and was recognized with honours at an international gathering. 

Tamara has a broad range of skills, but is most importantly a highly motivated and passionate individual who focuses on empowering those around her.