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September 24, 2005

The Original Dr. Phil?
Convocation: Tuesday, October 11

475 years ago, in the city of Augsburg, Germany, a document was presented to the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V.  The document— which became known as The Augsburg Confession—was penned by a young professor named Philipp Melanchthon.  Augsburg College derives its name from Melanchthon’s document—a document that became a touchstone for the sixteenth century reformation of the Christian Church, a document that still carries significant importance for Lutheran Christians today.  This year, our very own Dr. William Frame will speak upon the subject of Melanchthon’s contribution to civil society in a talk titled, “Melanchthon and Civility.”  Dr. Frame’s scholarly work on Melanchthon received attention earlier this year when he presented a lecture (“Philipp Melanchthon and the Academic Reformation”) at the Lutheran Educational Conference of North America in Vancouver, Canada. 

Dr. Frame’s lecture rounds out the Melanchthon Symposium, a gathering of scholars, pastors, seminarians, and others, who will descend upon Augsburg College beginning Monday, October 11.  Other lecturers include Dr. Markus Wriedt, Marquette University in Milwaukee, and Dr. James Nestingen, Luther Seminary in St. Paul.  For more information about the Symposium, contact Hans Wiersma, professor of religion, at x1205.

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