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News Archives - 2005

September 8, 2005

Chris Beckman to speak about addiction and recovery

Chris Beckman began drinking Jim Beam at age 11 and smoking marijuana at age 13. By the time he was 22 he was using heroin, mushroom, straight vodka, and "whatever I could get my hands on." At the age of 24, he was in rehab and starring on MTV's Real World: Chicago. Americans got a first hand look at Chris' confusion and pain as he began negotiating life as a sober young man in front of television camera. His hard work has paid off. He's been clean and sober ever since and travels the country, addressing college audiences, grateful to share is experience, strength and hope.  Chris has a unique point of view to share with young addicts who area trying to clean up their lives. In addition to the confusion of the early months of sobriety, young addicts must confront hormonal changes, normal adolescent problems, and come to terms with how addiction stunted their maturation process. "We get clean at 20 and feel like we're still 13 emotionally," he writes.  This book examines the vast issues that families confront when faced with addiction. These issues include genetics and family history, emotional problems, the substances that are abused, lifestyle factors, denial, getting into treatment, Twelve Step programs, relapse, therapy, relationships, and self-care.

Please join us to hear Chris' story in the East Commons at 4pm on Friday, September 9th.  A book signing will proceed his talk in the Christiensen Center lobby.  This event is sponsored by Hazelden, StepUp and the Office of Campus Activities and Orientation.