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Pottery in the Park

September 2004

Students participate in Pottery in the Park in the Spring of 2004.Once or twice per semester, you can witness students of the advanced and introductory ceramics courses replicating an ancient firing process in Minneapolis’ oldest city park, Murphy Square.

Under the instruction of faculty member robert k. tom, students emulate this special firing method which was first developed in the 16th century, specifically conceived for use in the creation of ceramics used in Japanese tea ceremony. Ceramic Raku firing has become a part of course curriculum since the spring of 2002, when advanced students designed and built a portable kiln. The traditional process has been altered a bit by reducing (or smoking) the ceramic ware in sawdust and other combustibles. The resulting atmospheric change produces a unique luster and metallic flashes within the glaze of each piece.

Augsburg College students who embark on the adventure of an art course are offered unique opportunities such as these to explore a wide variety of media and techniques.