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Learning the Business

June 2004
Stephanie Hill in front of door to the St. Paul orchestra practice room.

With assistance from professors Ned Kantar and Robert Stacke, Stephanie Hill was able to secure an internship opportunity with the highly regarded Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.

Junior, Stephanie Hill, began college as a science major with the intent of one day going to medical school. Though the faculty and classes were great, as time wore on, she found that personally her heart wasn’t in it. She soon realized that she felt more at home in her music classes. As a saxophonist in the concert band and jazz bands, she was in her comfort zone.

Hill wasn’t sure that she wanted to pursue a performance degree but knew that being involved in music “just felt right.” She decided to explore her options and with the help of assistant professor, Ned Kantar, discovered the music business major. This major is designed to prepare students to pursue career opportunities where the arts and commerce meet; in areas such as arts management, promotion, the record industry and general music business. There are two tracks in the program. This allowed Hill to tailor her education to her interests. She found the major, with a business emphasis, was exactly what she was looking for.

The music business major curriculum includes courses in music, performing arts and business, combined with field observations and internships. With assistance from professors Kantar and Robert Stacke, Hill was able to secure an internship opportunity with the highly regarded Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Since February 2004, she has been working as an arts administration intern in the marketing department. “I’ve learned a lot,” said Hill. “I’ve planned five receptions; arranging everything from the caterers to the entertainment; I’ve learned how to utilize contacts, find leads, and much, much more.”

Hill really enjoys the widely varying opportunities that the music business major offers. “I’m interested in the recording side too but haven’t yet explored it.” She’d like to manage a band someday and may get that opportunity in a personal way, helping her friend, fellow Augsburg music business major and musician, Stan Dotseth, and his band get started.

Whatever she decides to do, Hill has definitely found her passion. She isn’t ready to commit to the exact career route she will take when she completes her education but with so many options open, who could blame her?