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Business and Education departments travel seminar to Prague

September 2004

View of Czech city.Prague is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Europe. The Augsburg Business and Education Departments offered a travel seminar to Prague on a journey of cross-cultural discovery. The group, which left in May, experienced contemporary Czech culture and society through paired courses in Education and Business.

While on the seminar, Prague was the home base for exploring educational and economic forces that have created vast changes in Czech life. Students examined the obstacles as well as the models that are succeeding in this period of transformation, and discovered the critical role the educational system has in the formation of changing social norms and values of this emerging free market economy.

Some of the activities planned included: converse with leaders of business and industry, as well as laborers about the promises and perils of privatization; meet with families of varying economic means to speak about the impact of the free market economy on their lives; tour Prague’s historic district; meet with government representatives about the process of entry into the European Union; talk with people from various sectors of the community about how their lives have changed in this post-Soviet era of history; meet with a NATO general to discuss the politics of a post-Cold War ear; visit Auschwitz; and travel to Krakow, Poland and hear stories from local people about economic and social relationships with their Czech neighbors