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Augsburg College celebrated 135th Commencement Ceremony

May 1, 2004

Barbara Lehmann, Social Work, cheers her students during the traditional walk from the Foss Center to Si Melby Hall. A graduate shows loyatly to her home state by taping a cut out Texas on her cap. Thwo girls laugh as they pose for a photo after the 2004 Commencement Ceremony. A faculty member hugs a student during the procession from the Foss Center to Si Melby Hall
Lois Bosch places a hood on a Master of Social Work student during the commencement ceremony. A graduate has her picture taken while holding flowers after commencement 2004. Matthew Shannon and Jason Edwards pose for a photo after Commencement 2004. Graduates talk with family and friends in Murphy Park following Commencement in Si Melby Hall
Sara Kamholz, Augsburg employee in the P.R. office and her mother after Commencement. A graduate kisses her baby before Commencement. faculty Murphy walking
A graduate looks on as another talks with a faculty member during Commencement lineup in the Foss Center. Abbey Payeur and Maryann Kinney pose for a photo before Commencement 2004. The two represent the oldest and youngest present at the ceremony. A student smiles while holding flowers received for her graduation from Augsburg. Rodrigo Gonzalez poses with a fellow graduate after Commencement

A total of 623 students received their diplomas from Augsburg's Undergraduate Day program, Weekend College/3M program, Rochester, United Hospitals and Graduate programs.