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Pan Asian Student Services and Korean Institute of Minnesota

Nov. 12, 2003

The Pan Asian Student Services of Augsburg College and the Korean Institute of Minnesota are hosting a panel discussion "Adopted – Being Korean," Monday, Nov. 17, 5-7 p.m. in the Minneapolis Room, Christensen Center.
The panelists will each give a brief introduction of their personal background, such as who they are and when there were adopted. They will also talk about present day, what they do now, family and their involvement with other adopted Koreans. They will also discuss their college experiences, what supported their growth and identity as an Asian American and as a Korean adoptee, and what colleges can do to support Korean adoptees on campus.

Guest panelists include:
Ed Heil: WCCO television sports reporter, whose past community involvement includes working with Big Brother/Big Sister organizations and speaking on various youth topics.

Ami Inja Nafzger: Nafzger is a 1994 Augsburg College graduate. She founded a non-governmental organization called Global Overseas Adoption Link (G.O.A.L.), which provides various resources and support for Korean adoptees and their birth families, and a post adoption service support in Korea. She has recently returned from Korea after seven years.

Richard. M. Lee: Assistant professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota. Lee conducts research on Asian American mental health with a specific focus on ethnic identity development, acculturation, immigrant parent-child relationships and transracial adoption.

Sundraya (Sunny) Kase: Kase is an instructor at the Korean Institute of Minnesota. She teaches self -esteem to elementary aged Korean adoptees. She is also the developmental director for the Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, Inc.

Aron Michael Shin Spiess: Speiss is an English teacher at a charter school in South Minneapolis.

Kim Gregg: Gregg is a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota. Her research is on racial, cultural and national identity development within transracial and transnational adoption.

Jonathan Curtis: Curtis teaches computer applications and careers at Hazel Park Middle School Academy in St. Paul. He also works with the Cultural Achievement Program at his school.