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Professor Amin Kader honored by Augsburg College

April 2003

Prof. Amin Kader speaking in front of podium.Amin Kader, associate professor of Business Administration at Augsburg College, was honored by the Department of Business Administration for his role in founding the department and in serving 16 years as the department’s first chair. It was announced that faculty colleagues, friends and alumni, established an Amin E. Kader Business Scholarship for $10,000 in recognition for his 30 years of service at Augsburg. The scholarship will be awarded to students who are majoring in business administration.

Department of Business Administrative chair John Cerrito spoke about the significant role Kader played in building the foundation and leading the growth of the department throughout the past two decades, and of the atmosphere of respect and dignity that he fostered among faculty and students.

Kader's leadership as chair, followed by that of Cerrito, and Milo Schield, has helped the department grow to be the largest major at Augsburg College, currently with 716 majors. Augsburg is the only college in the area to offer three accounting specializations, general, public and managerial accounting; the only college in the area to offer a specialization in International business; the only private college in the area to offer a major in management information systems; and one of two private colleges in the area to offer a major in marketing.