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Hispanic/Latino Student Services celebrates tenth anniversary

Nov. 15, 2003

This year, Augsburg celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Hispanic/Latino Student Services program (H/LSS). The tradition of making Higher Education accessible to all people continues at Augsburg College, which is faithful to its Lutheran heritage and its intentional diversity mission. H/LSS offers local and international students individualized attention with admissions, financial aid/scholarships, registration processes, academic advising, personal counseling, and advocacy. Since 1983, 45 women and 33 men have graduated from the College's academic programs.

The Minnesota's Hispanic/Latino population has experienced a 166 percent increase in recent years. This demographic shift proves the vision, preparedness and pioneering efforts by the Augsburg decades earlier to cultivate a fertile ground for increasing numbers of Hispanic/Latino students on its campus.

H/LSS invites you to join in the celebration! Events include: Latino Breeze, Latino Night, Panel Discussion, Flamenco, and Karulacta. Information on each event is forthcoming. Please join us!