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Chemistry student, collaborates with Professor Ron Fedie for summer research project

April 2003

Jennifer Hagen working on research.Chemistry student Jennifer Hagen devoted her summer to assisting Chemistry Professor Ron Fedie on an NSF funded RSEC (Research Site for Educators in Chemistry) grant with a project entitled "ESR and NMR of Block Copolymers."

The research work was performed at the University of Minnesota in a collaboration with Professor Tim Lodge, Distinguished McKnight Professor. The University of Minnesota is one of only five RSEC sites across the country and it allows faculty and students from various insitutions to collaborate and engage in cutting-edge research with the use of highly sophisticated instrumentation and chemistry resources at distinguished research universities.

"Our collaborative efforts have established some fundamental as well as the latest in NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) pulsed-field techniques, with the help of Dr. Letitia Yao, Co-Director of the U of MN's NMR facility.

The research has moved into applying these techniques to Professor Lodge's block copolymer systems and interpreting the results in order to better understand the chain dynamics of the polymer molecules," said Fedie in a recent statement.