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Father and Son's Educational Paths Lead to Augsburg College

Oct. 16, 2003

When deciding on where their higher educational career path would lead, this father and son duo from Forest Lake, Minn. had no intention on attending the same college. However, both Alex and Kevin Keto's journey was guided down a different road that halted at Augsburg College.

Alex, who is currently a marketing manager for Wendy's International, Inc., came to Augsburg a year ago to pursue an education through the college's Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) Program. Alex had been searching for a graduate program that he could enroll in after his son graduated from high school, that was not an MBA and became intrigued by Augsburg's MAL Program. He was attracted to the fact that Augsburg had a program that focused on leadership and had not known of any comparable program at the other colleges he looked into. He had found a "perfect fit" at Augsburg. The MAL Program is Alex's way of continuing his education and he believes "you can never stop learning." For Alex the leadership aspect of the program will be beneficial to him in the future. "I hope to take what I know and add some
leadership to incorporate mentoring and develop some kind of leadership program." He feels continuing his education will offer him more opportunities and develop a competitive edge.

Alex's son, Kevin, choose a different road to Augsburg, which was in no way influenced by his father. Kevin entered Augsburg as a freshman this fall, but because of advanced courses in high school he will enter into the sophomore status earlier than many of his classmates. Kevin is a recent graduate of Forest Lake High School and was involved in the National Honor Society (NHS) and basketball. Through NHS Kevin donated his time in service hours to his community and was also the point guard on the varsity basketball team in
school. As a member of the basketball team, Kevin helped run basketball camps for younger players.

Kevin's college selection pointed Augsburg's way because he wanted attend a school that had diversity, was in the city, and had a basketball team. "I really wanted to continue playing basketball," said Kevin. Currently he is busy with classes, meeting new people and hitting the paint to prepare for the upcoming basketball season.

Although Alex and Kevin attend class on the same campus they hardly see each other. Alex has class every other weekend and Kevin has class during the week. Even though they are busy with their own daily activities they still find time to see each other or talk every now and then. One situation that Alex found quite humorous was through Augsburg's e-mail account system. Alex and Kevin are the only Keto's on campus and one professor was not aware that Kevin was not the lone Keto at Augsburg. One of Kevin's professors had intended on e-mailing him to commend him on a paper he wrote and to ask if he could share it with the class. Much to that professor's surprise the e-mail went to Alex. Alex then e-mailed the professor back to let him know that he sent the e-mail to a Keto but the wrong one and explained he was Kevin's father. The professor than e-mailed Alex back to thank him for setting everything straight and to compliment the great work Kevin was doing in class.

Alex is excited to be on the same campus as son and can't wait to watch Kevin play basketball.

The Keto family are members of Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake, Minn.