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Center for Teaching and Learning receives Bush Foundation grant

Sept. 11, 2003

The Center for Teaching and Learning, formerly the Center for Professional Development, is proud to announce that Augsburg College is the recipient of a Bush Foundation grant of $79,000 for the academic year 2003-04.

Diane Pike, the new director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Frankie Shackelford were the principal writers of the grant with support, advisement and consulting from Carol Forbes and Terry Martin.

The grant, titled Developmental Assessment of Student Learning in the Augsburg Core Curriculum, will focus on forming faculty learning communities called AugCore Collaboratives to specify student learning outcomes and to conduct formative assessment of the signature portions of the new curriculum.

The grant also provides funding for workshops, retreats, stipends for adjunct faculty, materials, and books. There will be continued funding for up to ten faculty/student research collaborations. New "Engaged Department Awards" will be granted along with two new summer research stipends specifically targeting “Scholarship of Engagement” and "Scholarship of Teaching and Learning."

It is anticipated that more than 100 faculty members will be involved and much of the activity will take place in a new meeting space, Lindell 1.

More information will be provided in the weeks ahead but general inquiries may be sent to Diane Pike,