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Augsburg College awarded $214,690 NSF grant

Oct. 15, 2002

Augsburg College professors Nicholas Coult, Mathematics Department, and Mark Engebretson, Physics Department, have been awarded a $214,690 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to develop mathematical models of electromagnetic waves in Earth's space environment.

The proposal, titled "Multiscale Approach to Wave Propagation through Turbulent Regions of Earth's Space Environment," was based on Coult's previous work in applied and computational mathematics, and on Engebretson's experimental physics experience.

The award is being granted under a new NSF program to encourage interdisciplinary research. The program, "Opportunities for Research Collaborations Between the Mathematical Sciences and the Geosciences," received 95 proposals from 295 researchers. Coult and Engebretson's was the first proposal to be officially awarded.

Coult is in his third year at Augsburg College, following a postdoctoral work at the University of Minnesota and graduate studies at the University of Colorado. Engebretson is a 26-year member of the faculty at Augsburg and has been involved in funded research at Augsburg for most of that time.