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Musictech College of Music and Augsburg College announce new collaborative music education B.A. programs

May 30, 2002

Musictech's Real-World Music Curriculum Combines with Augsburg's Four-Year Bachelor's Degree

St. Paul-based Musictech College of Music and Recording Arts and Minneapolis-based Augsburg College have announced a new collaborative arrangement enabling Musictech students enrolled in its music performance programs to transfer their two years of Musictech credits directly to Augsburg and complete a four-year
Bachelor's program in music.

"Many music students, and their parents, have wanted to complete a four-year bachelor's degree at our two-year school -- yet most traditional academic settings don't provide the real-world contemporary music education and state-of-the-art studios that Musictech provides," notes Doug Smith, co-founder and VP/education director of Musictech College.

"Musictech and Augsburg's arrangement is the best of both worlds," explains Smith. "For example, a Musictech student can now specialize in music performance for two years here in Saint Paul, and then transfer to Augsburg to complete the final two years of a four-year degree in Music Education and become a high school band leader."

"Our new relationship with Musictech College is a boon for Augsburg's students," adds Dr. Robert Stacke, Music Department Chair and Director of Bands at Augsburg College. "Augsburg offers Musictech students its excellence in music education, music therapy and performance, while Musictech provides its remarkable faculty of working musicians, and its expertise in such areas as music business; in-studio recording engineering and production; and improvisation."

Augsburg and Musictech have also established a scholarship fund for students who enroll at Musictech College with the intention of
transferring to Augsburg.

Augsburg College, a private four-year liberal arts college in Minneapolis, has 1,663 undergraduate students -- 350 of whom take music classes or perform in musical ensembles. Musictech College, which opened its $3.6 million school in Saint Paul last January, has 250+ students learning guitar, bass, keyboards, voice, percussion, brass and woodwinds, and motion imaging, as well as recording technology, music production and the music business.