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Educational Needs of Young People in Recovery

Mar. 14, 2001

The StepUP Program of Augsburg College and the Johnson Institute Foundation are sponsoring a symposium addressing the educational needs of young people in recovery to be held Friday, April 6, 12:30-3:45 p.m. in the Augsburg College Chapel (Foss Center) on the Augsburg College Campus, 625 22nd Ave. South.

Master of Ceremonies is William C. Moyers of the Johnson Institute Foundation. Guest speakers will be Senators Paul Wellstone and Jim Ramstad. The goals of this symposium are to:
- Raise awareness of present needs and issues of sober schools in Minnesota.
- Hear from students attending sober schools, recognize successes, issues, needs and concerns of sober schools.
- Discuss what we have learned about recovery in an educational setting.
- Examine the Minnesota continuum of recovery-based educational resources.
- Examine promising educational strategies.
- Raise awareness of the needs of young people in recovery.
- Examine sober/recovery-based school program resource issues.
- Examine recovery-based educational options available in high schools, vo-techs, community colleges, state colleges, private colleges, and the university system.
- Discuss the feasibility of targeting educational institutions for recovery-based program development.
- Discuss the new recovery movement as a frame for educational programming.

Organizational participants include: Arona; Cass Lake ALC; EXCEL; Gateway; Insight; Johnson Institute Foundation; Minnesota Department of Children, Family and Learning; MARRCH; P.E.A.S.E.; Prior Lake Schools, ISD 719; Sobriety High; StepUP; United South Central School District; YES. Minnesota leads the nation in providing educational opportunities in high schools and colleges for students in recovery. The mission of this symposium is to identify concerns of students in recovery, to examine the educational strategies currently available, and to suggest ways in which we could continue to provide an educational pathway for youth in recovery.