Student Access to Laptops and Internet

Now that classes are changing to alternative modalities, how am I supposed to attend class?

Each class may be handled differently with what is expected of you regarding computing resources.  Instruction time will most likely include an increased usage of Moodle, and possibly Zoom, so familiarizing yourself with those tools may be needed.  The Moodle Introduction Course has a special section dedicated to new, alternative teaching methods instructors will be using. Your instructor will send an email to you with details about how your class will be structured moving forward.  Take their lead on what that means for your computing needs. You will be able to accomplish much of your course work using the Moodle mobile app, although certain specialized coursework may require a computer. In these cases, your instructor should communicate this to you. If you have questions, you should feel free to reach out to your instructor(s).

If you have questions about how to access your course content or computing issues, the Tech Desk is staying open to assist with issues.  They can be reached at or 612-330-1400.

Will campus computer labs remain open?

Campus computing labs in Urness Hall, Christensen Center, and the Gage level of the Lindell Library will re-open for the Fall semester, provided that students maintain social distancing and disinfecting protocols.  Since sharing computers is not ideal, students are encouraged to check out a laptop for the rest of the semester by filling out the laptop request form.

What computer options are available to me if I do not have one of my own?

The primary option will be for you to use your own computer or mobile phone if at all possible.  If that is not an option, or if your coursework requires additional functionality, there are two additional options.

  1. The Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus has a limited supply of HP Chromebook computers on hand and available for purchase and pickup. Students may choose to purchase a laptop computer from the bookstore using personal funds — like cash or a credit card — or to explore having the expense billed to their bookstore account. While the Chromebook is listed on the Barnes & Noble website, students are highly encouraged to email bookstore manager Sam Gunters at to discuss a computer purchase before attempting to order one online. The computers are $386.98 plus tax ($417.45 total) and must be picked up from the bookstore; they are ineligible for free shipping. Laptop pickups will be arranged only by appointment with the bookstore manager and in accordance with social distancing best practices.
  2. Augsburg is also offering an expansion to our laptop checkout program, allowing students to checkout laptops for the remainder of the semester. We have approximately 135 machines available for long term checkout. We will be prioritizing requests to students with financial need. To request a long-term laptop loan, fill out the Student Laptop Loan Request form.

What if I do not have internet where I live?

As a result of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our students, many vendors and internet providers have granted additional access to internet resources.  We have compiled a list of these options here: Internet Providers Offering Deals in Response to COVID-19 (Google Doc).

We also have Verizon Mobile Hotspots available for checkout for those who do not have another internet option.  They are also available through the Student Laptop Loan Request form.

How can I access specialty software from off-campus?

The way you access specialty software may differ depending on what device you are using.  The following knowledge-base articles may be of assistance to you.