Faculty Committee Membership 2020-21

The list of faculty elected to serve on each committee is followed by a description of additional members as described in Section 9 of the Faculty Handbook.

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

Sarah Combellick-Bidney
David Crowe
Jennifer Diaz
Sarah Groeneveld Kenney
Phyllis Kapetanakis
Terrance Kwame-Ross
Reinaldo Moya
Emily Schilling
Henry Yoon

Additional voting members: the Dean of the College [sic] or designee, and a student selected by the student government.

Advisory (non-voting) members: the Registrar, the Library Director, a person from the Student Affairs Office (chosen by Student Affairs), a person representing an international program of the College (chosen by the Dean), the Director of Academic Advising, and the Director of the Center for Service, Work, and Learning [sic].

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC)

Bibiana Koh (Serving in place of Christina Erickson in Spring 2021)
Rachel Lloyd
Joyce Miller
Eric Van Hecke
Lindsay Starck
Won Yong Kim
Juyoung Lee
Tom Morgan
Jason Lukasik

Additional voting members: the Dean of the College [sic] or Dean’s Academic Affairs Committee designee, the Associate Dean of Adult Programs [sic], and at large graduate student representing all graduate students.

Advisory (non-voting) members: the Registrar, the Library Director, and the Director of Graduate Recruitment [sic].

Student Standing Committee (SSC)

Lyz Wendland
Ben Binder
Sarah Degner Riveros
Erin Sugrue

Chair: Acting Registrar

Additional members: the Director of Admissions [sic], and the Chief Student Success Officer.

University Committee on Academic Planning (UCAP)

Matthew Beckman
Jacqueline deVries
Deborah Schumacher
Laura Boisen, Grad Programs Representative
Senate Representative

Chair: Karen Kaivola, Provost

Administrative members, the first five of which are voting:
Ryan Haaland
Monica Devers
Robert Gould
Rebecca John
Nate Hallanger

Admissions and Enrollment Committee

Alex Ajayi
Jacob Enger
Matthew Maruggi

Non-faculty member: Director of Admissions [sic]

Faculty Development Committee (FDC)

Kathleen Clark
Matt Maruggi
Elise Marubbio
Alex Ajayi

Chair: Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright, Director of Center for Teaching and Learning

Additional members: the Dean of the College [sic] or designee, the Associate Dean [sic], and the designated Internal Evaluator (selected from the Faculty Development Evaluation Committee) [sic].

Assessment Committee (AASC)

Vanessa Bester
Jennifer Forsthoefel
Leon Van Eck
Amanda Perkins
Suzanne Gikas

Chair: Ben Denkinger, Director of Assessment

Additional members: Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs [sic], Associate Dean for Student Affairs [sic], a member representing the Center for Service, Work and Learning [sic], appointed by the Director of the Center, and a student appointed by the Student Senate.

Committee on Tenure and Promotion (CTP)

Jacqueline deVries
Joan Kunz
Audrey Lensmire
Evren Guler
John Schmit
Nancy Fischer
George Dierberger

Non-voting member: Karen Kaivola, Provost

The Senate Committee on Faculty Personnel Policies (PPC)

Keith Gilsdorf
Bob Groven
Diane Pike
Ankita Deka (Serving in place of Christina Erickson in Spring 2021)
(Faculty Senate rep)

Compensation Committee (subcommittee of PPC)

Jeanne Boeh
Erik Steinmetz
David Matz
David Myers
Won Yong Kim
(PPC rep)

Advisory (non-voting) members: Director of Human Resources or designee, and a designee from the Provost’s office.

Senate Committee on Faculty Equity

Melissa Hensley
Evren Guler
Three tenured members of Faculty Senate TBD


Bob Groven

Subcommittee on Committees

Mary Lowe (Serving in place of Chris Houltberg in Spring 2021)
Su Dorée
Ben Stottrup
Jayoung Koo
Pavel Bělík – Senate Rep

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Membership is appointed by the Provost, not elected by the Faculty. See the IRB website here.

2020-2021 Academic Affairs Working Subgroup of the COVID Task Force

Katie Bishop

Kristen Chamberlain (Faculty Senate Representative)
Monica Devers
Ryan Haaland
Jenny Hanson
Marah Jacobson-Schulte
Jim Matthias
Kelsey Richardson Blackwell
Bridget Robinson-Riegler (Faculty Senate Representative)
Bonnie Tensen