Online or Hybrid Courses

Course proposals for online or hybrid courses are reviewed by the Director of Online/Blended Pedagogy in addition to the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). This includes proposals for existing or new courses seeking approval for online/hybrid delivery.

Department chair recognizes that for online/blended offerings whoever designs the content for the LMS (Moodle) must complete the Effective Design Checklist.  All instructors who teach the course must complete the Online and Blended Teaching Series (OB1) prior to teaching the course.

Course designers complete the Effective Design Checklist and instructors complete the Online and Blended Teaching Series (OB1) which includes: Moodle 101/102, Relevant modules of Moodle 201, and an optimization session with a member of E-Learning team.  The chairs Moodle dashboard was designed with this purpose in mind.