Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

Subpages: Course Proposals | Major, Minor, Program Proposals | Policy Proposals | Other Proposals | Submission Deadlines

The subpages listed above include a proposal draft document to guide you through the process of submitting your proposal (where appropriate).

Curricular Updates

Academic Affairs maintains a real-time curricular update:  AAC Tracking Spreadsheet .
*Look to AAC/GAAC Summary Update for information prior to the 2018-2019 academic year.

Meetings and Agendas

AAC meets at 3:40 in Lindell 301 on alternating Mondays during Fall and Spring semesters
(see the Academic Affairs calendar).

2019-2020 AAC Meeting Minutes

Past years’ materials, including agendas and meeting minutes, can be found in the AAC Archives.

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) Membership 2019-2020

Voting Members:

Sarah Combellick-Bidney
David Crowe, AAC Chair
Jennifer Diaz
Suzanne Gikas
Sarah Groeneveld Kenney
Phyllis Kapetanakis
Michael Kidd
Ana Ribeiro
Liaila Tajibaeva

Additional voting members: a shared vote between the Dean of Arts and Sciences/Dean of Professional Studies and a vote by a student selected by the student government.

2019-2020 Advisory (non-voting) members: Margaret Anderson (Education), Stacy Freiheit (Director of General Education), Ann Garvey (Student Affairs), Mary Hollerich (Library Director), Marah Jacobson-Schulte (Registrar), Kelsey Richardson Blackwell (Advising), Tom Kelsey (Assoc. Registrar)