Augsburg University Dome Taken Down March 28 to 30

  • The Dome (officially the Augsburg University Athletics Air Structure) will be taken down from March 28 to 30, weather permitting. During that time, the field will be prepared for spring and summer athletics. 
  • T-Mobile soon will be on campus doing antenna updates on the roof of Oren Gateway. The work may limit access to outside parking areas near Oren Gateway. Facilities will reach out to those impacted.


  • Please put in a custodial request to refill gel hand sanitizer in building dispensers if they’re empty as well as for more disinfectant wipes, towels, and spray for cleaning up common spaces in offices and similar shared spaces after use.
  • Hand sanitizer tip: Use an eighth of a pump to avoid getting too much hand sanitizer.
  • HEPA Air Purifiers are being used in classrooms and run 24 hours daily. These are not required and can be turned down or off during class and turned back on afterward.
  • HVAC systems are bringing in fresh air 24 hours a day.