Licensing Process and Career Resources

Fingerprint Card

  • To request a fingerprint card, email: or call 651-539-4200 (option 1) and include your full name and mailing address in your message.  If you use a fingerprint card from a local police station, make sure it has the sky blue border.
  • Mobile Electronic Fingerprinting (Bloomington):


  • A check or money order is needed along with the completed application. If this is a first license in Minnesota, the amount charged is $90.25. If this is a second license, the charge is $57.00.


  • Print or download the Tier III Teacher application from the PELSB website:
  • Be sure to follow the directions on the first 4 pages of the application and fill out the application in its entirety. Do not fill in section 6. Section 6 is for a licensure officer at Augsburg to verify that you completed your chosen program. Print the application and sign pages 9, 10 (if needed), and 12. A completed application packet includes:
    • Completed Tier 3 Application
    • A check or money order payable to “PELSB.” The fee is listed on your application.
    • PELSB fingerprint card
  • Drop off the application or mail the application, check or money order, and completed fingerprint card to:

Augsburg University Education Department
c/o Barbara West
2211 Riverside Avenue, CB312
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Track Your Progress

The licensing team will review, sign, and send your completed application packet to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB). This usually takes about two weeks, but can take longer during the busy summer season. PELSB typically takes 8-12 weeks to process a license; you can look up your license progress online through PELSB’s website.