Getting Started with Student Teaching


  1. Attend a workshop led by the Director of Student Teaching, Barbara West, to learn about student teaching requirements on or around October 1 for the following winter/spring and February 1 for the following fall semester. Check your email, with your adviser, or with a methods instructor for ways to gain access to this information. After this meeting, you will fill out the Student Teaching Request Form.

  2. Student Teaching Application Link (TK20) – Due mid-semester prior to student teaching
    • After logging in the TK20, click on the applications tab on the left side of the screen. Then click Student Teaching Application Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.
      Click here to go to the TK20 website
  1. Schedule a meeting with your Education Department program advisor to discuss your application. Your advisor will approve the application for student teaching.

  2. Attend a seminar near the end of the semester prior to student teaching to learn about your new student teaching placement and to meet your student teaching supervisor.

  3. After learning your supervising teacher’s name and contact information, you will email them to begin discussing your student teaching experience.
  • Before your student teaching assignment begins, review, and sign the Student Teaching Contract with your cooperating teacher.
    Click here for the Student Teaching Contract