Spring 2021 Update:

Tk20 will not be used to document field experience hours during the Spring 2021 semester. This is because the Education Department is in the process of transitioning to a new data management platform, which will be ready to use by Fall 2021. Don’t worry, all of the information currently stored in Tk20 will be moved to the new platform. Students will also still have access to their Tk20 account to review past placement history and field experience hours.

To document spring field experience using Google Forms, please carefully follow the steps listed in this document: Steps for Documenting Spring 2021 Field Experience

Using Tk20 to Document Field Experience

Tk20 is the data management system that the Education Department uses to keep track of all licensure requirements for teacher candidates. You will use Tk20 at various points throughout your program to submit key assessments, record field experience hours, and apply for student teaching.

The URL to access Tk20 is If you have an active account, you will be able to log in using your Augnet login and password.

How to Open at Tk20 Account

With very few exceptions, students seeking to fulfill the field experience requirement for their license need to have an active Tk20 account. Students also apply for admission to the teacher licensure program through Tk20.

Tk20 accounts are opened once and are active for seven years. A fee of $100 will be placed on your Augsburg student account when you activate your Tk20 account. This is a one-time fee which allows you to access Tk20 for seven years.

Opening a Tk20 Account Directions

Registering Your Field Experience

Before you can record your field experience hours in Tk20, you must first register the placement by filling out a Field Experience Registration form. If you have more than one placement during a semester, each placement must be registered separately. Once you have submitted the registration form, a member of the Clinical Experience Team will send a binder to your Tk20 account. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this process to occur.

Tk20 Registration Form Directions – Student

Completing the Field Experience Binder

Once your field experience binder has been sent to your Tk20 account, you can start logging your hours. Please wait to submit your binder until your field experience is complete. Binders are due for submission by the end of the semester.

Tk20 Binder Directions – Student

Reviewing Your Placement History

You can review your placement history in Tk20 to verify that your field experience hours have been accurately documented. You also can view details about the schools, districts, cooperating teachers, grade levels, content areas, and disabilities categories that you have experienced.

Reviewing Your Placement History Directions

Receiving Feedback from Your Cooperating Teacher

As a part of your field experience placement, your cooperating teacher is responsible for evaluating your progress in the classroom and verifying your hours. This evaluation takes place electronically in Tk20 using this rubric

Once your field experience has been registered, your cooperating teacher will receive an email from the Clinical Experience Team with information about how to complete the evaluation forms in Tk20. If your cooperating teacher needs support, please feel free to send them the directions below.

Tk20 Binder Directions – Cooperating Teacher

If you would like to review your cooperating teacher’s evaluation and comments after your placement is complete, follow these steps.

Submitting a Key Assessment

Although key assessments are course-related assignments that are not directly related to field experience, please refer to the directions below for support.

Tk20 Key Assessment Directions – Student