Professional Development for Adjunct Union Members

As described in article 19 of the collective bargaining agreement, adjunct faculty members may be approved to receive up to $600.00 of professional travel grants per fiscal year. To be eligible for professional travel grants, an adjunct faculty member must have taught at Augsburg for the two years immediately prior to the beginning of the fiscal year for which the funds are sought and must either be (1) teaching a course under an appointment under this Agreement, or (2) assigned to teach a course in the 12 months subsequent to the request for professional development funds. r New Faculty Orientation and CTL events.

Faculty Members who attend the two-day New Faculty Orientation during the daytime sessions will receive a $150.00 stipend. Faculty Members must attend both daytime sessions to receive the $150.00 stipend. Faculty members who attend the evening orientation will receive a $100.00 stipend. Adjunct Faculty may also receive a $50.00 stipend for attending CTL-selected workshops during a semester in which they are teaching a course under an appointment under this Agreement. Faculty Members must use this form to confirm attendance in order for a stipend to be processed.

Stipends for Additional Training

For mandatory trainings, workshops and meetings that the University determines are requirements above and beyond normal expectations within an adjunct faculty appointment, faculty members will be compensated with a stipend of a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $50 per event. Stipend requests are reviewed and submitted on a weekly basis.

UPDATE: Augsburg-SEIU MOU from 07/29/20: Diversity Training Courses  

The parties agree that for the 2020-2021 academic year only adjuncts who have received a letter of appointment for the Fall 2020 semester may be eligible for compensation for attending Augsburg’s Equity and Inclusion workshops and Practical Pedagogy series sponsored by CTL in August of 2020 despite not formally beginning employment with the University. Adjuncts will be compensated at twenty-five dollars ($25) for classes that are advertised as up to and including one hour in duration and fifty dollars ($50) for classes that are advertised as more than one hour in duration. Adjuncts will be allowed up to $250 compensation during academic year 2020-2021 for the diversity/anti-racist training classes. Further, this training being designated as mandatory, it will not be compensated from the professional development fund. 

Core courses required for the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program will be eligible for stipends for adjuncts (this includes Diversity courses offered in August for Fall-contracted adjuncts. As stated in the agreement, courses that are 1 hour or less are eligible for $25 stipends, and courses that are over 1 hour are eligible for $50 stipends. No stipends will be offered for courses that faculty have already completed in the last two years. While courses towards advanced standing are encouraged, those courses are not stipend-eligible. There will be a cap of $250 per faculty member per year for the Diversity and Inclusion stipends.

For information about the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program, please visit their page. This program is not run by CTL; however, CTL needs to be made aware of your attendance in order for you to receive a stipend.

Please use this form to report attendance to any workshop that you believe to be stipend-eligible.

Per the union agreement, CTL’s “Practical Pedagogy” sessions offered in August, 2020 will also be stipend-eligible. There are 3 Practical Pedagogy Sessions scheduled for August. These are each 1 hour sessions and are each eligible for a $25 stipend for union adjunct faculty on contract for Fall of 2020. In addition, we have decided to include eLearning’s Tech Tune-ups and Tips in the stipend-eligible workshops for August. These are offered every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 am.

Again, please use this form to report your workshop attendance.

After contracts begin, additional CTL workshops may be eligible for stipends. Those opportunities will be posted on CTL’s front page, as they become available.

Stipends for Design of New Courses

Faculty members who have designed new courses and have had a new course proposal approved are eligible to submit a request to CTL for a course development stipend of up to $1,000, at Augsburg’s discretion, if the course is offered. To be eligible for a course development stipend, faculty members must have taught at the University at least one (1) course in each of three (3) academic years. If the faculty member is offered an appointment to teach the course the first time it is offered and the faculty member is not available to teach said course, the faculty member shall still be eligible to apply for up a course development stipend.  The amount of the stipend may vary depending on the type of course proposed, including but not limited to credit value, course level, program, discipline, and delivery mode. If approved, stipends for course development will be paid no sooner than four months prior to the start date for the proposed new course. To apply, faculty members should fill out the adjunct faculty member new course development report.