Required Grant Reporting

Travel Grant Reporting

For faculty who travel with any grant

Within 30 days after your travel has occurred, you must submit:

  • Travel Expense Report as a cover letter attached to receipts for your expenses.
    • Please note on credit card receipts if you used a P-card or a personal credit card.
    • The report and receipts go to Kerri Maher via email (please simply scan in receipts and sent electronically).
    • Leave the “approval signature” line blank. This is for CTL.

For questions, contact Kerri Maher at

Other Grant Reporting

For Scholarship Grants and Work Culture Grants that did not include travel

After completing your project, you must submit:

  • If you were awarded a Work Culture Grant, submit an expense report and all receipts to Kerri Maher via email.

For questions, contact Kerri Maher at