TFAPS – Hybrid Learning Implementation

All faculty are invited to participate in two workshops offered by CTL and IT to support weekend and graduate faculty who are creating “hybrid” courses for 2013-14. If you are satisfied with the basic design of your courses, you only need to participate in the Moodle Labs to learn best practices for online learning and how to meet GAAC/AAC requirements for hybrid learning.

If you would like to improve the underlying design of your courses, you will also benefit from the integrated course design workshop.

Prerequisite: Please watch the screencasts in the Overview section of the Course Design Support Site  at before coming to these sessions.

Moodle Lab for Hybrid Learning.

The Moodle Labs are hands-on workshops that introduce and support development of your Moodle sites. You will be set up in a “sandbox” to develop the Moodle sites for next year’s courses with the support of CTL and LFC consultants.

Integrated Course Design for Hybrid Learning.

The Integrated Course Design for Hybrid Learning is a hands-on workshop that explores Fink’s model for course design, which integrates situational factors, learning goals, learning activities, and assessment. It addresses how to choose face-to-face and online activities to create an engaged learning community, provide direct instruction, and facilitate active, collaborative learning.

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