Outgoing Mail

Departments are responsible to prepare their outgoing mail, although Central services can assist with mailings.  You do not need to seal the envelopes unless it is a confidentiality requirement.  You do not need to apply stamps, as postage will be applied by the postage meter.  Please rubber band your mail pieces together and write lightly in pencil in the upper left corner of the top piece or on a post-it note, the cost center that should be charged.  You may get your mail to the Outgoing Mailroom/Shipping & Receiving in one of three ways:

  1. Bring it to outgoing mailroom/Shipping & Receiving department by 2 PM for same day service.
  2. Drop it in one of two collection boxes in Christensen Center (main floor by the Mailroom and lower level by the vending machines) by 12:30 PM for same day service (this works best for the odd few pieces as the slot is small).
  3. Place it in an outgoing mail tray in your department to be picked up when your incoming mail is delivered.

If you have a large quantity of outgoing mail,  it is helpful to workflow to bring the mail as early as you have it prepared, or call for assistance with pick up well before the mail deadline.

Mail Projects

If your mailing will be more than 200 pieces, it may qualify for non-profit standard mail at a much cheaper postage rate.  Check with Central Services to see the requirements for non-profit standard mail. Contact either mailship@augsburg.edu or 612-330-1054 (x1054 if internal)