Meet the Tutors

KathyProfessor Kathy Swanson
Dr. Kathy Swanson created the Writing Lab at Augsburg College. She is in charge of all lab operations and tutor training. Dr. Swanson teaches courses in writing and literature; her specific interests and research center around gender and language, composition theory and practice, and women writers of detective fiction. A former Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Thailand, Kathy Swanson speaks Thai and teaches a course for Augsburg students in Thailand every other May. She is very proud of the tutors and the service to Augsburg students (averaging over 2,500 session each year) they provide.
MaryMary Klecker is a sophomore English major from Hopkins, MN.  Besides working at the writing lab, she is the Features Editor for The Echo and the Associate Editor for Murphy Square.  She loves to run, drink chai tea, and read good books.
JoeJoseph Vokracka is (adjective) to be a (adjective) at (proper name). He is (adjective) to (verb) you with your (noun). He hopes you are (adjective) to visit the (noun) and receive (noun) with every aspect of (noun)!
mikeMike Torreson is a junior at Augsburg and is in his second academic year at the school after transferring from Winona State after his freshmen year.  Mike is a Media Writing major.  Mike is from Maple Grove, Minnesota, and likes puppies, horses, hop-hop, and an aromatic dark roast.
Emily Emily Rutten is a senior majoring in Biopsychology and Psychology.  She plans to go to graduate school for clinical neuropsychology.  She loves cooking, traveling, watching Netflix, and using the Oxford comma.
LesleyLesley Becker is a junior studying English Lit, Lang, Theory, & Creative Writing. She loves reading, writing, film, & her fat cat.
SamSam Foy is a sophomore.  He is majoring in secondary education English with plans to teach in high school.  He plays soccer at Augsburg.  Sam also thinks that Madison, WI is the best city in the country and that Wisconsin is better than Minnesota
BradBrad St. Aubin What’s the One Thing that writing lab tutors need?  Brad St. Aubin knows and would love to help you with the little things about your paper that will keep you up all night.  He is in his third year working in the lab, and he’s ready to do it over again for the 2013-2014 school year, now as a tutor and student supervisor.  Brad is a psychology major, but he has a passion for writing, so come over to the lab and get to know him!
BridBrid Henry is in her second year as a Theatre Major.  She enjoys having casual conversation, taking long walks on the beach, and sipping on hot chocolate by a cozy fire.
 photo-2Cameron Olson is in his first year at Augsburg studying Physics. He loves science and creative writing, and enjoys helping people. He likes to travel, he appreciates the aroma and taste of good coffee, and he contemplates the universe in his free time.