Meet the Tutors

KathyProfessor Kathy Swanson
Dr. Kathy Swanson created the Writing Lab at Augsburg College. She is in charge of all lab operations and tutor training. Dr. Swanson teaches courses in writing and literature; her specific interests and research center around gender and language, composition theory and practice, and women writers of detective fiction. A former Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Thailand, Kathy Swanson speaks Thai and has taught a course for Augsburg students in Thailand every other May for ten years. She is very proud of the tutors and the service to Augsburg students (averaging over 2,500 sessions each year) they provide.
Ginny Contreras is a second-year grad student in Augsburg’s MFA Creative Writing program. Besides writing, she enjoys learning languages, traveling, and spending time with her family.
Kaylee GluetzowKaylee Gluetzow is a Junior English Secondary Education and German major. She enjoys reading anything, eating Mac and Cheese, drinking too much coffee, the Oxford Comma, and talking when everyone else is quiet. She’s basically always hyped up on caffeine and sour gummy worms.
Brid Henry has been a tutor since her first year on campus and dreads her eventual departure from the Writing Lab. She is a senior majoring in Theater with concentrations in Performance, Directing, Dramaturgy and Playwriting and minoring in English with a concentration in Literature, Language and Theory. Her disciplines take up most of the space for bios.
Laurel MikkelsonLaurel Mikkelson is a first year Music Therapy student who is excited to begin her first semester in the Writing Lab. Despite her intended major, her dream job would be to run a daycare and within it, use music therapy techniques with typically developing children. In the little free time that she has, she enjoys singing, acting, playing piano and guitar, painting, reading, writing, babysitting, snuggling her cat and spending time with friends and family.
Cameron_Olson-2Cam Olson, known as Mad Man Cam to some, is a Junior attending Augsburg College. Being a Physics major, he is looking forward to not having to write many more papers for his classes and helping others tackle the sometimes arduous (but useful and important) process of writing. He is addicted to coffee, loves hip hop and jazz music, enjoys snowboarding, thinks Star Wars is the most poetic science fiction story ever created, and hails the true ruler of Westeros, Daenerys Targaryen.
Matt PeckhamMatt Peckham is a Political Science (Pre-Law) and English major at Augsburg College. He enjoys playing the guitar, writing, eating peanut butter, and playing football for Augsburg. Matt is also a professional dishwasher at Riverside Avenue Perkins.
Evan PetersonEvan Peterson is a second year Theater major, with concentrations in playwriting, direction, and dramaturgy. After seeing Interstellar, he decided to study astrophysics, before realizing he wasn’t great at physics. So here he is, back studying theater. In his free time he writes screenplays and stageplays, volunteers with the Minnesota Fringe Festival, attends hip-hop concerts, and thinks about outer space.
Danny PolaschekDanny Polaschek is an English literature and creative writing major who wishes to be able to major in at least five other disciplines. Some of his hobbies are playing guitar, reading, writing, working out, and overall adventuring. He writes, “lately I’ve also become very interested in looking at the United States through a sociological lens so as to better understand our diverse communities in hopes that I can work to better the future of our country and the lives of those around me.”
Mitch RossMitch Ross is a sophomore at Augsburg studying Film, theater, and creative writing. He is a rambler who spends his time reading, writing, practicing yoga and socializing with his peers. He has love for what he does and is not afraid to show it.
Eve TaftEve Taft is a sophomore English major who spends most of her time reading, writing, and talking incessantly about the former two things. She is an aspiring fantasy novelist who hopes to join the ranks of George R.R. Martin, Tolkien, and Terry Pratchett. By the time you read this, her hair will probably have changed color at least once.
Mike_TorresonMike Torreson is a senior at Augsburg. He is a double English major with concentrations in creative writing and literature, language and theory, and he developed a mastery of the English language circa eleventh grade. In his free time, he is a scholar of hip-hop and has written several theses on the subject regarding the influence of Lil’ B and the similar physical components of rapper adlibs.