Meet the Tutors

 kathyProfessor Kathy Swanson
Dr. Kathy Swanson created the Writing Lab at Augsburg College. She is in charge of all lab operations and tutor training. Dr. Swanson teaches courses in writing and literature; her specific interests and research center around gender and language, composition theory and practice, and women writers of detective fiction. A former Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Thailand, Kathy Swanson speaks Thai and has taught a course for Augsburg students in Thailand every other May for ten years. She is very proud of the tutors and the service to Augsburg students (averaging over 2,500 sessions each year) they provide.

cam-olsonCam Olson
, Writing Lab Student Supervisor, is a senior at Augsburg studying physics and computer science. He is addicted to coffee and enjoys listening to Jazz and Rap music. If you work with him, ask him about Cosmology or his obsession with Star Wars. After graduating, he plans on attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota.
gabe-bensonGabe Benson is a second year here at Augsburg College. He is an English and Communications double major and is involved in many student activities: Murphy Square, ECHO, TED Talk club, and the Honors Program. He loves to read, write, and help others, so the writing lab is always a good time for him.
Kaylee GluetzowKaylee Gluetzow is a senior English Secondary Education and German major. This is her second year at the Writing Lab. When Kaylee is not hard at work or putting her nose in a book, she can be found exploring Minneapolis, eating cheese curds, or advocating for the usage of the Oxford Comma.
laurel-mikkelsonLaurel Mikkelson is a second year Music Therapy major, lover of ice cream, animals and friendship. In the little free time that she has, she enjoys singing, performing local theatre, spending time with friends and family and snuggling up with pets.
collins-nesbitCollins Nesbit is a first-semester junior and new tutor at the WL. She is a double major of Communication Arts/Literature and secondary education, with hopes of becoming an English  teacher. She is not only passionate about literature and education but loves the art of writing.
Matt PeckhamMatt Peckham is a junior majoring in English (Literature, Language, and Theory) and minoring in Political Science (Pre-Law). He enjoys playing guitar, writing, lifeguarding, and working in the writing lab.
Evan PetersonEvan Peterson is a junior pursuing a major in Theater Arts with concentrations in directing, dramaturgy, and playwriting. He is an avid supporter of Space Travel even though he never had the nerve to do it himself. This past summer, he wrote a space play which premiered at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. It was pretty cool. You know what else is pretty cool? Beyonce. Okay, that’s all.
Danny PolaschekDanny Polaschek is a senior at Augsburg College and has been at the Writing Lab for a year. He is majoring in English (Literature, Language, and Theory) and Creative Writing. However, his academic interests reach to Psychology, Sociology, and Business as well. Danny has recently become the adoptive parent of a beautiful cat named Autumn and he is very excited about it.
Mitch RossMitch Ross is a junior at Augsburg College and is studying Theater and Creative Writing. This is his second year at the Writing Lab and he continues to enjoy working with students and being a part of the writing process, which inspires him in his creative work and various fields of study. “I often feel and have said that the students help me more than I help them by allowing me to assist in developing their work, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”
 Anders Sateren is a junior here at Augsburg College majoring in Communication Studies and New Media. When he’s not in class, he spends much of his time singing in both the Augsburg Choir and the Cedar Singers. Other than choir and school, his hobbies include: hanging out with friends, looking at pictures of baby chinchillas, and curling up on the couch with a good book and a piping hot cup of herbal tea.
William Stolz is a fourth-yearwilliam-stolz History major. He can peel 80 bananas in 13 minutes.