Meet the Tutors

KathyProfessor Kathy Swanson
Dr. Kathy Swanson created the Writing Lab at Augsburg College. She is in charge of all lab operations and tutor training. Dr. Swanson teaches courses in writing and literature; her specific interests and research center around gender and language, composition theory and practice, and women writers of detective fiction. A former Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Thailand, Kathy Swanson speaks Thai and has taught a course for Augsburg students in Thailand every other May for ten years. She is very proud of the tutors and the service to Augsburg students (averaging over 2,500 sessions each year) they provide.
BradBrad St. Aubin is a senior Psychology major with minors in Religion and Sociology. He has been working in the the lab for his entire Augsburg career and is sad he is leaving at the end of this year. He loves video games, George R. R. Martin, and sleeping until the early evening. His worst-kept secret is his love for One Direction. Regardless of his musical taste, he is excited to begin another year in the lab.
Mike_TorresonMike Torreson is a junior/senior at Augsburg. He is an English major with a focus in secondary education, and he developed a mastery of the English language circa eleventh grade. He is a 2chainz enthusiast and has seen and thoroughly critiqued seven of the Air Bud films.  Mike is from Maple Grove, Minnesota and likes puppies, horses, hip-hop, and an aromatic dark roast.
2015-01-22 14.24.13Eve Taft is a freshman English major, aspiring author, and Echo staff writer. She occasionally dabbles in poetry and short stories. If she is not reading a fantasy novel of some kind, she can probably be found in the scene shop or up on the catwalk in the theater.
Sam_FoySam Foy is a junior majoring in Secondary Education with plans to teach English in high school.  Sam wants to be the very best as no one ever has been; “to catch them is his real test; to train them is his cause.”  Sam likes soccer, tie-dye, cats, and Pokemon Season 2, now on Netflix.
Brid_Henry-2Brid Henry is a junior majoring in Theatre with concentrations in directing, dramaturgy, playwriting, and performance.  She enjoys sweater weather and short biographies.
 Cameron_Olson-2Cameron Olson is a sophomore at Augsburg, majoring in Physics. He enjoys black coffee and contemplating the universe.
Mary_CorneliusMary Cornelius is a junior English major from Hopkins, MN.  Besides helping students in the Writing Lab, she works as the Managing Editor of the Augsburg Echo and as the Editor in Chief of Murphy Square. She loves to run, drink coffee, and snuggle up with a good Jodi Picoult novel.
Eric_Young-2Eric Young is a senior Media Writing major and an English Lit, Language, and Theory minor.  Prior to his return to school Fall ’13, he worked as a manager in a used book and record store.  Someday, Eric hopes  to combine his love of travel, the outdoors, and writing into something resembling a professional career.
William_StolzWilliam Stolz is a second-year student studying Computer Science and Philosophy. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing, and watching HBO’s The Wire. He also hates 40 degree days.
Maricio_MataThelenMaricio Mata-Thelen is a second year Sociology major and Creative Writing manor.  He enjoys hip-hop concerts of all kinds, dancing, and cooking shows.  He is also a very nice person who rarely smiles.