Supporting lifelong learners at Augsburg means providing the services, support, and information students need to be successful. It also means assisting Weekend College faculty in reaching their students. We are happy to provide the following opportunities for students and faculty:

For Students, Faculty, and Departments

Test proctoring

If there is a time when a student must miss an in-class test, the Augsburg for Adults Program Office is happy to offer proctoring for these tests, with the faculty member’s permission. Proctoring is available on select evenings and Weekend College Fridays and Saturdays.

To arrange for a proctor, please contact Karl Wolfe at 612-330-1782 or Please allow a minimum of two weeks prior to the deadline for scheduling a test, as we often need to adjust our office schedules to meet the student’s need. If you are the student contacting, we will need to confirm with the faculty member’s permission before confirming the appointment.

Once we have a confirmed appointment, we will ask the faculty member to submit via email the test, as well as any rules governing the proctoring, including time limit and outside materials. Completed tests can be hand-delivered to on-campus faculty offices or to classrooms on WEC weekends, mailed to the faculty member’s home address, or scanned and emailed to the faculty’s Augsburg email address.

Final paper/project distribution

Since final papers and projects are often graded following the last class, we are happy to distribute the final materials to students. Once the program office receives the final work, staff members will email the class members to alert them. We will retain the final materials for six weeks following the last day of class, after which we will dispose of any remaining materials.

Promotion of courses, events, and opportunities

If any Augsburg student, faculty or staff member has a course, event, or opportunity that needs to be advertised to the Weekend College community, our program staff can help spread the word. Please submit a brief description via email to Karl Wolfe at These notices will be advertised through the Bi-Weekly Email Reminder, which is sent the Monday prior to WEC weekends to WEC students and faculty.

For Students

Communication with faculty, staff, and administration

If students have any questions about their education, the AFA program staff can help find the answers. Please contact Karl Wolfe at 612-330-1782 or or with any questions, and we can either answer the question or make a referral to the appropriate department. In many cases, we can also track down the answer, if necessary.

Academic support

Returning to school can present challenges for some students. For students who need additional academic assistance, we are happy to help. To gain assistance with course progressions, academic difficulties, or academic probation, please contact the Academic Advising Office at 612-330-1025.

For Faculty and Departments

Communication with student groups

At times, faculty members or departments may need assistance contacting the Weekend College student body or specific parts of the student body (such as specific majors or student organizations.) The Augsburg for Adults program staff can serve as a liaison to these student groups. To receive help engaging WEC students, please contact Karl Wolfe at 612-330-1782 or

Development in adult learning theory

Adult students can be very different from traditional-aged students, in more ways than age and experience. They often have different learning styles and can benefit from alternate teaching strategies. The Augsburg for Adults Program Office can help faculty members and departments navigate those differences, either through one-on-one discussion or development workshops. To request assistance in these areas, please contact  Karl Wolfe at 612-330-1782 or