Weekend and Evening College

Transition from WEC program to Adult Undergraduate program

We will continue to offer weekend classes for 8 semesters while we transition to the new AU program.

  • Current WEC students who have completed at least 60 credits and who choose not to transfer to the AU program will be able to complete their degrees on the weekend schedule over the next three years. The advising office and individual faculty advisers will be working with each student to plan his/her degree completion path.  These students were sent an individual plan with details about proposed course sequencing for the next 8 semesters.
  • Current WEC students who have fewer than 60 credits and who choose not to transfer to the AU program will continue to be able to take classes on the WEC schedule through the 2016-17 academic year.  After that year, WEC scheduled classes will no longer be available and students may switch to the AU program or the Day program as a part-time student.  The advising office and faculty advisors will be working with each student to help you plan your degree at Augsburg.
  •  Majors in the new AU ProgramAccounting,  Business Administration/Economics, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion, Communication Studies, Education:  Elementary,  English as a Second Language, Special Education ABS Secondary Education licensure (requires some non-AU format courses), Finance, Management, Psychology
  • Format in the new AU Program
    • Major classes and selected core curriculum courses will be held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, 6-9:30 P.M.
    • Major and selected core curriculum courses will be structured in a hybrid format; combining face to face with online meetings every other week.
    • Classes starting with a face-to-face meeting the first week of the semester will be on the “Maroon” schedule, while classes starting with an online meeting will be on the “Silver” schedule.
    • Students can register for classes on both the Maroon and Silver schedules, allowing for course loads from 1-4 classes per term.
    • Courses in the majors and for the core curriculum will be offered each semester (fall and spring) and during the summer term
    • Only adult students will be able to register for AU classes; there will be no cross-over registration for Day students

Contacts for additional information:

Academic Advising: advising@augsburg.edu

Registration: registrar@augsburg.edu

Financial Aid: studentfinances@augsburg.edu

Transition from WEC to the new AU program: adultundergrad@augsburg.edu

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