Telecommunications Resources Use Policy

It is the policy of Augsburg College that telecommunications resources be used in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. Any use of telecommunications resources that would impede teaching, learning, research or administration; or that would violate an applicable license or contract is a violation of this policy.

Violation of this policy may result in referral to appropriate College or criminal authorities for consideration of penalties which may include dismissal or other discipline. This document is intended to work in conjunction with existing policies within the Augsburg College Student Guide, the Student Handbook, the Augsburg College Faculty Handbook, the Augsburg College Employee Handbook, and the departmental technical policies and standards as administered by Information Technology.  These policies are found online at , the Information Technology web site.

The College maintains Telecommunications Resources Usage Guidelines to help you understand and comply with this policy. Any questions regarding interpretation or application of this policy should be directed to the Chief Information Officer.

Telecommunications Resources Usage Guidelines

Although most people use telecommunications resources in a legal, ethical and responsible manner, it is possible that willful or even accidental misuse can seriously disrupt the work of others. These guidelines are provided to increase your awareness of the issues involved.

1. College Use

Augsburg College telecommunications resources are for use only by those persons with the permission of the College to use telecommunications resources. Long distance use is reserved for official college business only, personal use of long distance is prohibited.

2. Unauthorized Access and Impersonation

Users may not attempt to gain access to the telecommunications system or voicemail system unless they have a legitimate reason to do so. Accessing or using the telecommunications or voice-mail resources of others without a legitimate reason is inappropriate and is prohibited.

3. Harassment

The College’s policies prohibiting all forms of precluded discrimination, including sexual harassment, cover all forms and means, including those activities using telecommunications resources. Telecommunications usage that is perceived by another as discriminatory or sexually harassing as defined by the College policy may be considered a violation.

4. Maliciousness

Telecommunications resource users may not deliberately disrupt the performance of telecommunications systems or networks, or attempt to circumvent system security.

5. Commercial Activity

The use of College telecommunications resources for commercial purposes without prior approval is prohibited. Requests for approval should be directed to the Chief Information Officer.