Student Standing Committee

The Student Standing Committee reviews:

Academic/Financial Petitions

Students who wish to request exceptions to academic policies should carefully review and complete the Academic/Financial Petition form. Exceptions to academic policies include:

  • Minor exceptions to academic requirements and/or approval of transfer course substitutions

  • Extending time to complete an incomplete

  • Permission to take a course overload and requests for exemptions from overload charges

  • Student schedule changes after registration deadlines (adding, withdrawing, and grade option changes) and medical/family tuition refunds as applicable.

Academic Dismissal Appeals

Students who have been academically dismissed have the right to appeal their dismissal to the Student Standing Committee.

Applications for Readmission

Students seeking to reapply to the College after being placed on academic probation or after being academically dismissed must submit an Application for Readmission.

The Committee typically meets to review petitions and Applications for Readmission every other week during fall and spring semesters and once each month during the summer semester.